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Why Bearpants are not Sweatpants (hint: they're better!)

Posted by Micah on

One question that I receive, especially from my college and high school aged friends, is "Why are they so expensive?" It is frustrating to me as well, and I hope that this post can provide some clarity.

Bearpants are Not Actually that Expensive! 

Compared to Walmart or Target sweatpants, they are certainly more costly. However, this is an unfair comparison to make. They are not made of that same very cheap cotton material, they are made out of a thick fleece called sherpa fleece. They don't look or feel like traditional sweatpants, they are much softer and warmer. Additionally, they will not fall apart after minimal wear and tear like cheap sweatpants!

Compare Bearpants with high quality brands like Nike, Under Armour, or The North Face. Their fleece products are often $80, $90, or $100+ dollars because they are well-made from quality materials. Bearpants does not have the same established brand name, so I wanted to keep my cost lower until we establish a reputation for quality

High Quality Materials Cost More

As I alluded to above, materials like sherpa fleece cost more. Like all fleece, sherpa fleece is a polyester which means that it is not as wide spread or prevalent as something like cotton. That means that it is less available which drives up the prices. Harvesting cotton is also much less expensive than creating high-quality polyester. 

Since the very beginning at Bearpants my primary concern has been around quality and using the best materials available. I want people to be happy and excited from the second that the receive their pants and every single time they wear them. I want people to be able to wear them over and over and over again through the fall, winter, and spring and stay warm and comfortable everytime.

Bearpants is not (yet!) a Big Company

Large manufacturers have a large advantage when it comes to returns from scale. Unlike those huge companies I only store enough inventory that fits in my small apartment at one time. As I continue to grow and scale up, I will be able to make larger orders which means that the per unit price will come down as well. I am looking forward to this, so tell everyone you know about Bearpants!