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Why the name Bearpants (and not bear pants)?

Posted by Micah on

Honestly, it's pretty simple: they fleece used in Bearpants looks like and feels like bear fur (although I've never actually felt bear fur, I suppose). 

Yes, I've always loved bears, but the reason I thought the name was perfect was because bears always look so warm in the winter. I loved the idea of staying warm in the snow, but also when hibernating on the couch. I wanted to make them the warmest winter pants available, and I absolutely loved that polar fleece material.

I kept Bearpants as one word (as opposed to bear pants), because when it's two words, it looks like I started a company that makes pants for bears. Some bears could use pants (see: winnie-the-poo), but this round was for humans who wanted to feel like bears in their den or outside in the cold.

Bearpants is now a trademarked term as well!

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Sweatpants are Growing in Popularity for this Generation

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