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About Us

What are Bearpants?

Bearpants are all about comfort--indoors and outdoors. You will bearly believe how comfortable they are! They fit like sweatpants but are made out of fleece so they are warmer, more wind resistant, and don't absorb rain and snow as easily! The name is Bearpants not bear pants, as these are pants for humans inspired by bears, not pants for bears. Obviously.

Where did the idea come from?

During my freshman year of college, I was freezing cold all winter long both in my dorm and walking to class. Light rain and snow made it uncomfortable to wear sweatpants outside, and I also wanted something soft and warm when sitting around the dorm watching football. I loved a pair of “bear” slippers that I owned and so the idea for Bearpants was born. Over the years, I have told friends and family about this idea and so many people were receptive that I finally thought, "Maybe I should actually do this!" Well I did. I checked out many different outdoor clothing brands, and although there were coats that were made with similar material, I have never seen such warm and comfy pants. Try them and see for yourself!

Let's Save the Polar Bears

Bearpants will donate 3% of profits to the WWF to help save the Polar Bears. We are not yet an official partner but we hope to be as sales increase. For more information check out:


The Team

Micah Stone- Founder and CEO